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    A gulp plugin which patches the version of included resource files in html & css files


    npm install gulp-version-patch


    var gulp = require('gulp');
    var versionPatch = require('gulp-version-patch');
    gulp.task('patchcss', function () {
        return gulp.src('./test/*.css')
          // default: {versionType: '%MD5%', patchMode: 0}
            .pipe(versionPatch({versionType: '%DT%'}))
    // will not patch the image resource, for base64 replacement & etc..
    gulp.task('patch', ['patchcss'], function () {
            .pipe(versionPatch({patchMode: 1}))
    gulp.task('default', ['patch']);

    Notice: the file generated will have the shape of ?v=abcd123 as suffix.


    Patch Modes

    When using this patch plugin you might specify the param { patchMode: MODE } to indicate the patch mode. There are 4 patching modes avaibale right now. Either of 4 resources type could be version-patched: script, stylesheet and image resource reference(in html) and background url (in css/less). Hence the params of MODE can be chosen from 0, 1, 2, 3 as follows:

    • 0: patch all above four patched types in both html and css
    • 1: not patch the image resource
    • 2: only patch the script and css
    • 3: only patch the script

    You can while yet omit this params. It turns out that, the package will then automatically use the dafault MODE of 0.

    Version Types

    When the package comes to version 0.5.0, we have one exciting feature to specify the type of patched version. You might specify the param { versionType: TYPE } to indicate the patched version type. Either the modes of date, time and MD5 can be specified. Moreover, you can specify your own DIY type for patching (i.e., the last one as below). The param TYPE can be chosen one of the following:

    • %DATE% date [YYYYMMDD]
    • %DT% date + time [YYYYMMDDHHIISS]
    • %TS% timestamp [INT10]
    • %TSM% timestamp(millisecond) [INT13]
    • %MD5% MD5(timestamp) [STRING32]
    • %MDS% MD5(MD5(timestamp) + salt) [STRING32]
    • {STRING} In addition to the above keywords, considered custom

    When you omit the param versionType, the module will use the default type %MD5% to patch resources.


    npm i gulp-version-patch

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