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Provides an easy way to get a listing of your tasks from your gulpfile. By default, the output groups tasks based on whether or not they contain a hyphen (-), underscore (_), or colon (:) in their name.

You can optionally override the Regexp used to determine whether a task is a primary or subtask, as well as filter out tasks you don't want to see in the output.


Install using:

npm i --save-dev gulp-task-listing

Then add it to your gulpfile like so:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var taskListing = require('gulp-task-listing');
// Add a task to render the output 
gulp.task('help', taskListing);
// Add some top-level and sub tasks 
gulp.task('build', ['build-js', 'build-css']);
gulp.task('build-js', function() { ... })
gulp.task('build-css', function() { ... })
gulp.task('compile', ['compile-js', 'compile-css']);
gulp.task('compile-js', function() { ... })
gulp.task('compile-css', function() { ... })

Now run gulp help, and you'll see this:

Main Tasks
Sub Tasks


You can customize the output of the task listing by using the taskListing.withFilters(subtaskFilter, excludeFilter) method. Both arguments are optional. You can pass in a string, RegExp, or a custom function.


Providing this allows you to choose which tasks are Main Tasks (by returning false), and which are Sub Tasks (by returning true).

By default, this is defined as the regular expression /[-_:]/, which means that any task with a hyphen, underscore, or colon in it's name is assumed to be a subtask.

If, for example, you wanted to only use colons to determine a task's status, you could set it up like so:

gulp.task('help', taskListing.withFilters(/:/));

If you had something more complex, you can use a function, like so:

gulp.task('help', taskListing.withFilters(function(task) {
    isSubTask = // test task name for sub task properties 
    return isSubTask;


The exclude filter allows you to remove tasks from the listing. If you want to remove tasks that contain the word secret, you could set it up like so:

gulp.task('help', taskListing.withFilters(null, 'secret'));

If you had something more complex, you can use a function, like so:

gulp.task('help', taskListing.withFilters(null, function(task) {
    exclude = // test task name for exclusion 
    return exclude;

Note: setting the first argument to null allows you to retain the default behavior for subtask detection.

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