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    Gulp plugin of tarte-jsunit which is an unit test tool for javascript codes working on Node.js.

    tarte-jsunit is a part of js.node package in tarte.sourceforge net project.


    Install gulp-tarte-jsunit with npm:

    $ npm install --save-dev gulp-tarte-jsunit


    Run an unit test

    First, load gulp-tarte-jsunit module in your gulpfile.js.

    var gulp = require('gulp');
    var jsunit = require('gulp-tarte-jsunit');

    Next, write the task to run an unit test like following:

    gulp.task('unit', function() {'path/of/unit/test/file.js');

    Here, the above string 'path/of/unit/test/file.js' is a Javascript file path containing an unit test program.

    Then, you can run an unit test by a following command:

      $ gulp unit

    To output a test result to a json file, specify the file path as follows:

      $ gulp unit --report-file=result.json

    Moreover, you can specify a test file via a command line argument, you can use this plugin with lint, and so forth.

    The gulpfile.js in this distribution contains a good example for them.

    Show a test result with a Web browser

    You can show a content of a result json file on a Web browser. Open tarte-jsunit-view.html in this distribution with query string like ?json=result.json.

    Write a unit test

    The structure of test case tree are as follows:

       testsuite('description about suite', function() {
         this.testcase('description about case', function() {
           this.scene('description about scene', function() {
               this.scene('description about end level scene', {
                 run: function() {
                    ... test process ...

    testsuite is the top of the tree and it corresponds to a target class normally. testcase is the second level of the tree and it corresponds to methods of a target class normally. scene is the third level or lower of the tree and it corresponds to a condition or a situation normally.

    The tests/test.js in this distribution is a simplified example how to write a unit test code.


    Copyright (C) 2014 Takayuki Sato.

    gulp-tarte-jsunit is free software under MIT License. See the file LICENSE in this distribution for more details.


    See the file in this distribution for more details.



    npm i gulp-tarte-jsunit

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