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A gulp plugin for passing only the root SASS files down the stream. Unlike other plugins this one accounts for rebuilding the graph index when new files are added along with a manual API to rebuild the index.

Sass Graph plugin for gulp 3.


Install with npm

npm install --save-dev gulp-sass-grapher


Here is an example using gulp-sass-grapher with gulp-watch.

  var sassGrapher = require('gulp-sass-grapher'),
    gulp = require('gulp'),
    path = require('path'),
    watch = require('gulp-watch');
  gulp.task('watch-styles', function() {
    var loadPaths = path.resolve('src/sass');
    sassGrapher.init('src/sass', { loadPaths: loadPaths })
    return watch('src/sass/**/*.scss', { base: path.resolve('src/sass') })
        includePath: loadPaths