Rewrite url references in CSS


A gulp plugin that allows rewriting url & @import references in CSS

Description Rewrite `url(...)` references in CSS files.
Node Version >= 0.10
npm install --save gulp-rewrite-css
var gulp = require('gulp'),
    rewriteCSS = require('gulp-rewrite-css');
gulp.task('my-rewrite', function() {
  var dest = './dist/'
  return gulp.src('./static/css/*.css')
  • destination (required, String) - the target directory for the processed CSS. Paths are rewritten relatively to that directory.

  • [debug] (optional, boolean, defaults to false) - whether to log what gulp-rewrite-css is doing

  • [adaptPath] (optional, Function, defaults to the internal rewriting method of gulp-rewrite-css) - will be passed a context hash that contains the following options:

    sourceDirthe path in which the currently processed CSS file resides in
    sourceFilethe path to the currently processed CSS file
    destinationDirthe path of the target directory where the CSS file ends in
    targetFilethe path of the target file (e.g. the contents of url(…) or @import)

MIT (c) 2015 Joscha Feth