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The easy-to-use Static Site Generator that uses Pug (jade-lang), Sass, and Live-Server with Gulp

The content in this repository will be mostly the gulpfile, pug template demos, and a wiki perhaps. So far I am still learning how to package with npm (this is a spare time project, and I'm no professional and have no idea what I'm doing).

Pugitude is all about putting together the straight-forward static site generator that I wish already existed. Where most any other offering is oriented toward blog content, Pugitude makes no assumptions about your content, so there's no opinion to work around. I wanted to make a generator that would allow making portfolio or gallery sites sensible and streamlined.


Cloning this repo is probably the best idea. First install NodeJS (I suggest with a tool like the wonderful nvm). Then create a project directory, and use git to install:

    $ git clone

Then move the contents of the new gulp-pugitude/ folder up a directory so it's in your project directory (how you actually wanted it):

    $ cd gulp-pugitude/
    $ mv ./* ../
    $ cd ../
    $ rm -r gulp-pugitude/

Now finally, install a global copy of gulp (I have no idea why the in-directory copy does not seem to work):

    $ npm install -g gulp


Generating the demo content is done with a straight-forward

    $ gulp

which should build all the content first (which automatically mirrors the structure of your source directory tree), watch all source directories, fire up live-server, and open your browser. Updates will appear automatically and very quickly in your browser window (as soon as I fix the bug with running live-server from within gulp).


  • Build a comprehensive demo of pug features and use in the demo project
  • Build a sass theme for the demo project (likely borrow from )
  • Get automatic refresh in browser with live-server working with gulp
  • Perhaps have an error-catching call back to prevent gulp from exiting on a pug rendering error, if the user saves with a typo (or other syntax problems)
  • Follow-up on the declared deprecations in the gulp stack
  • Work on implementing the missing processing filters in gulp-pug that pug says it should be able to handle
  • De-breakify this repo as it was, and come up with a conceivable way for other people to try the setup out

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