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    A Gulp plugin to delete files that should not be in the destination directory.

    Files that have not been seen will be deleted after the stream is flushed.


    Prune with 1:1 mapping

    This example will delete all files in the target directory that do not match a source file, after transpiling changed files.

    import gulp from 'gulp';
    import prune from 'gulp-prune';
    import newer from 'gulp-newer';
    import babel from 'gulp-babel';
    export function build() {
      return gulp.src('src/**/*.js')
        .pipe(babel({ presets: [ 'es2015' ] }))

    Prune with custom mapping

    The mapping can be customised if the source and destination file names are different.

    This example will prune all .js and files that aren't from the source .ts files.

    import gulp from 'gulp';
    import prune from 'gulp-prune';
    import newer from 'gulp-newer';
    import sourcemaps from 'gulp-sourcemaps';
    import typescript from 'gulp-typescript';
    export function build() {
      return gulp.src('src/**/*.ts')
        .pipe(prune({ dest: 'build/', ext: [ '.js', '' ] }))
        .pipe(newer({ dest: 'build/', ext: '.js' }))



    • prune(dest)
    • prune(dest, options)
    • prune(options)


    • options.dest (or dest argument)

      The directory to prune files from.


      A function that maps the source file name to what is expected in the dest directory. The function may return a string or array of string file names to keep. Can't be used with options.ext.

    • options.filter

      If a string, only files that match this Minimatch pattern may be pruned.

      If a function, will be called with the relative path for each file to be pruned. Return true to delete it.

    • options.ext

      A convenience option to both map the extension and ensure only those extensions are deleted. May be a single string or an array of strings.

      e.g. { ext: [ '.js', '' ] } is the equivalent of

        map: (name) => [
          name.replace(/(\.[^./\\]*)?$/, '.js'),
          name.replace(/(\.[^./\\]*)?$/, '')
        filter: '**/*.@(js|'
    • options.verbose

      Set to true to log all deleted files.


    npm i gulp-prune

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