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PHP require like concating syntax for gulp (primary for JavaScript files).

General Info

Library is tested very vell also in production enviroment, but till now I haven't specific place for focusing only to this library.


  1. npm install gulp-place (npm install git+
  2. In 'gulpfile.js': const gulpPlace= require("gulp-place");
  3. In gulp task: const localPlace= gulpPlace({ variable_eval: function, filesCleaner: function })→ define function for evaluating variables (eval) and function for cleaning e.g. jshint comments
  4. In '.pipe': .pipe(localPlace({ folder: string, string_wrapper: string }))→ define root folder (against gulps cwd) and string quotes (default ")
  5. In files: see Usage examples


  • [ ] Refactoring + test
  • [ ] Code documentation + ReadMe + Usage Doc

Usage examples

It simulates function calling:

gulp_place(target: string, type: string): string;
  • type:
    • "files", "glob": Places all files matching target pattern (e.g. some_folder/*.* – all files in some_folder).
    • "file": Places file content based on target.
    • "file_if_exists": Places file content based on target. Silently skips non-founded file.
    • "files_once", "glob_once": Ensure loading file once per whole initiation (means 2nd point in Approach).
    • "file_once": Ensure loading file once per whole initiation (means 2nd point in Approach).
    • "clean": Resets all *_once.
    • "combine" – (target in JSON form: { glob, file, name, type, depends }):
      • Creates module/namespace pattern based on type ("namespace" is default). Also supports type="module_native".
      • One of glob/file must be defined (file has priority) and correspodns to glob_once/file_once.
      • name sets namespace/module name (default is file/folder name).
      • depend is object of names (in case of type='module').
      • In inported files can be used simplified import/export syntax:
        • /export (default )?(function|const|let|var|class) (?<name>…)…/g: Expression is converted to regular definition without export/default keywords and names are exposed. Except module_native situation (nothing to change).
        • /import (\* as [^ ]+|{[^}]+}) from "depends:([^"]+)"/g:
          • In all "module" situation "depends:*" will be conferted based on depends key
          • In module_native nothing else will be changed
          • Elsewhere it will be converted into "const …= …;"
          • Keep in mind redefinition! → currently the approach is to use import in one script and others used internal names!
      • See example combine-test in "tests" folder.
    • "variable": Evaluate target with variable_eval and return result surrounded by string_wrapper.
    • "eval": Evaluate target with variable_eval. It can be used for dynamic behaviour in building process.
    • "eval_out": Evaluate target with variable_eval and return result without string_wrapper.
  • target:
    • see type
    • In case of file(s) can be used also variable pattern some_folder/${file_var}|${folder_var}/some_file (${} is evaluated by variable_eval).


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