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gulp-modular-release npm version Dependency Status

Modular extension to release projects using git-flow release strategy.

Works well alone or together with gulp-modular.


npm install gulp-modular-release --save-dev

Integration in gulpfile

var gulp = require('gulp');
var gulpModularRelease = require('gulp-modular-release');
// optionally overwrite default configuration 
var config = {
  //// task [`release`] creates a new release 
  release: {
  //  versionNumber: argv.v, // the version number of the new release 
  //  bumpFiles: ['./package.json', './bower.json'], // write version number to these files, cordova config.xml is also supported 
  //  changelogFile: './', // generate changelog in this file 
  //  conventionalChangelog: 'angular', // choose preset style like: : 'angular', 'atom', 'eslint', 'jscs', 'jshint' 
  //  commitMessage: 'bump version number ' + argv.v, // message of bump commit 
  //  tagPrefix: '', // define a prefix like 'v' for the git tag 
  //  masterBranch: 'master', // the projects master branch 
  //  developBranch: 'develop', // the projects develop branch 
  //  releaseBranch: 'release/' + argv.v // the release branch created while releasing 
  //  push: false // push change to remote repository 
gulpModularRelease(gulp, config);


gulp release
gulp release -v 1.2.3
gulp relrease -b hotfix/foobar
gulp relrease -b hotfix/foobar -v 1.2.3

(If no version is specified the next version is generated using conventional-recommended-bump.)


  1. checks out develop branch and pulls origin for changes (pull --only-ff)
  2. creates branch release/1.2.3 from develop (just without -b option)
  3. sets version number to bower.json and package.json
  4. generates and writes changelog via conventional changelog to
  5. commits the previous changes
  6. merges release/1.2.3 (or the specified branch) into master and tags it with v1.2.3
  7. merges master into develop
  8. deletes branch release/1.2.3 (or the specified branch)
  9. checks out develop
  10. (optionally) pushes changes to remote repository