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gulp-modular-karma npm version Dependency Status

Modular extension to run unit tests in a gulp-modular project.


npm install gulp-modular-karma
bower install angular-mocks

Karma configuration

Copy default.karma.conf.js in your project root and name it karma.conf.js.

Integration in gulpfile

var gulp = require('gulp');
var gulpModularKarma = require('gulp-modular-karma');
// optionally overwrite default configuration 
var config = {
  //// task [`karma`] performs unit tests on project 
  karma: {
  //  src : './karma.conf.js', // karma configuration file to use 
  //  browsers: ['PhantomJS', 'Firefox', 'Chrome'] // all browser to run tests in (only for `test:all`) 
gulpModularKarma(gulp, config);


Run gulp karma to execute the tests once. Run gulp karma:watch to execute the tests whenever a file changes. Run gulp karma:all to run the tests in all defined browers.

Run gulp test, gulp test:watch or gulp test:all to build the project before the related karma task is run.