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  • Make sprites from each of *.sprite directories under the root
  • Each sprite is a separate image
  • Stylus mixin and config with sprite positions are also supplied


gulp.task('sprite', taskSprite({
  spritesSearchFsRoot: 'app',
  spritesWebRoot: '/img',
  spritesFsDir: '/path/to/site/www/img',
  styleFsDir: '/path/to/site/app/stylesheets'
  • spritesSearchFsRoot - the source root, sprites are searched as spritesSearchFsRoot/**/dir.sprite.
  • spritesWebRoot: - path in CSS to sprite image will be /img/dir.png
  • spritesWebRoot - generated sprite images will be stored in this dir here.
  • styleFsDir - stylus file with sprite mixins and coords will be put here