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    A gulp plugin to compile mustache HTML templates to JavaScript functions using hogan.


    In templates/test.html:

    <p>Hello {{place}}</p>

    In your gulpfile:

    var compiler = require('gulp-hogan-compile');
    gulp.task('templates', function() {

    In your code:

        var templates = require('js/templates.js');
        var html = templates.test.render({
            place: 'world';
        console.log(html); // <p>Hello world</p>

    This will compile the templates into a JavaScript AMD module using hogan.compile.

    It will require('hogan') so that module needs to be available. You can change the name/path of the hogan module at compile time with options.hoganModule.

    Alternatively you can pass an object to have it populated with executable templates, which is useful if you need templates as part of a build step, for example:

    var compiler = require('gulp-hogan-compile');
    var templates = {};
    gulp.task('templates', function() {
    gulp.task('render', ['templates'], function() {
        // Do something with templates, like passing to a static site generator


    • dest string|object
      • Either the name of a file or an object - if using an object it will be populated with compiled template code and no file will be outputted (so all string output related options below are ignored)
    • options object
      • Options passed to the hogan task


    newLine string

    The line delimiter, defaults to your operating system's newline. Ignored if dest is an object.

    wrapper string

    Either amd, commonjs or false for no wrapper, defaults to amd. If wrapper is false a local var templates will be defined containing the templates. Ignored if dest is an object.

    templateOptions object

    Options passed through to hogan.compile. The asString option will be set depending on whether output is a file or an object, any passed setting is ignored.

    templateName function(file)

    A function that will be passed the file and should return a name for the template. By default uses the relative path and basename of the file without an extension.

    templatesVariableName 'templates'

    Override the variable name used for the templates, default is templates. Useful when not using a wrapper in the browser and don't want it assigned to window.templates.

    hoganModule string

    The name of the hogan module in your app, defaults to hogan. If you're not using a wrapper then the global Hogan must be available.


    npm i gulp-hogan-compile

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