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gulp-gold 🔧, npm link

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custom Gulp pack


Used latest tools: Gulp, Babel, Webpack, PostCSS


  • You must have nodejs (includes npm) installed
$ sudo
$ npm i

This project uses Gulp4 so we should have gulp-cli or npx (goes with npm v5.3.0+) installed globally to use npm scripts using local gulp:

$ npm i -g gulp-cli


npm scripts (using local gulp)

  • npm run build just build with NODE_ENV=production
  • npm run dev or npm start serving from src
  • npm run prod serving from dist
  • npm run lintStyles
  • npm run lintScripts

gulp tasks (require gulp-cli installed globally)

  • gulp serve clean->lint->build->browsersync->watch in src
  • gulp clean->lint->build
  • gulp lintStyles
  • gulp lintScripts
  • other tasks you can find in the gulpfile


MIT License