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Fork of the once popular gulp-ember-handlebars (but now it's not maintained)


First, install gulp-ember-handlebarz as a development dependency:

npm install --save-dev gulp-ember-handlebarz

Then, use the plugin in your gulpfile.js:

var handlebars = require('gulp-ember-handlebarz');
gulp.task('templates', function(){
      outputType: 'amd'



Type: String Default: amd

The desired output type. One of the following:

  • browser - Produce plain JavaScript files for the browser.
  • amd - Produce AMD modules.
  • cjs - Produce CommonJS modules.


Type: String Default: templates

This option specifies the name of the root directory for template files.


Type: String Default: Ember.TEMPLATES

This option is only necessary when options.outputType is browser. This option's value is the namespace that is assigned the pre-compiled templates. Use dot notation (e.g. 'Ember.Templates`) for nested namespaces.


Type: Function Default: Strip file extension

This option accepts a function which takes one argument (the template name) and returns a string which will be used as the key for the precompiled template object. By default, the filename minus the extension is used.


Type: Object

Compiler options to pass to Ember.Handlebars.precompile()