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A Gulp task for generating HTML with inline CSS(compiled from LESS)

  • Install Node.js
  • Install Growl(if Windows)
  • Install Python 2.7:
  • Install Visual C++ 2010 Express(if Windows):
  • npm install -g gulp
  • go the project root
  • npm install
  • change assets path where needed in gulpfile.js
  • gulp build --file confirm (or any file on src/html/emails)
  • gulp dev --file confirm (for watching changes)
  • You can pass a --external parameter to rewrite all CSS URL and image sources to reference an external link, provided on the parameter paths.url_css on the top of the gulpfile.js
  • The routine for using this project would be to point your web server to the dist folder, open dist/email_debug.html(which has LiveReload script), edit less and html files and see the changes occurring instantly, then use dist/email.html in production