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gulp-electron for gulp NPM version

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A gulp plugin that creates electron based distributable applications.


Install with npm.

npm install --save-dev gulp-electron


Add a gulp electron task like :

var gulp = require('gulp');
var electron = require('gulp-electron');
var packageJson = require('./src/package.json');
gulp.task('electron', function() {
        src: './src',
        packageJson: packageJson,
        release: './release',
        cache: './cache',
        version: 'v0.37.4',
        packaging: true,
        token: 'abc123...',
        platforms: ['win32-ia32', 'darwin-x64'],
        platformResources: {
            darwin: {
                CFBundleVersion: packageJson.version,
                icon: 'gulp-electron.icns'
            win: {
                "version-string": packageJson.version,
                "file-version": packageJson.version,
                "product-version": packageJson.version,
                "icon": 'gulp-electron.ico'

Executing gulp electron will create an electron package for the specified platforms.

When you run code under process.NODE_ENV = test more debug information will be displayed.


If you using windows: install 7z(


  • src The root directory of the sources that shall be packaged, required.

  • packageJson The package.json, required.

  • cache The download path for the electron package, required.

  • release is where the release applictions path, required.

  • version the version of the electron release to be download from the GitHub page, required.

  • platforms Support ['darwin','win32','linux','darwin-x64','linux-ia32','linux-x64','win32-ia32','win64-64'], default is darwin-x64. If verion is under v0.13.0 must use ['darwin','win32','linux'].

  • apm Path to the atom-package-manager executable. If not specified the default behavior will be to use the globally installed apm executable.

  • rebuild Default is false, when set to true then rebuild native-modules.

  • asar Default is false, when set to true then asar pack your app directory. see more docs(

  • asarUnpack Default is false, this options use minimatch to filter out asar file.

  • asarUnpackDir Default is false, this options filter out asar directory, ex: vendor filter out vendor dir.

  • symbols Default is false, when set to true the symbols package from GitHub will be downloaded.

  • packaging Default is false, when set to true the packaging zip file.

  • token Default is undefined or env GITHUB_TOKEN, when set to a GitHub authentication token helps prevent rate-limits when downloading Electron releases.

  • platformResources

    • darwin Mac resources. See Core Foundation Keys for details.
      • CFBundleDisplayName The actual name of the bundle
      • CFBundleIdentifier An identifier string that specifies the app type of the bundle. The string should be in reverse DNS format using only the Roman alphabet in upper and lower case (A–Z, a–z), the dot (“.”), and the hyphen (“-”).
      • CFBundleName The short display name of the bundle.
      • CFBundleVersion The build-version-number string for the bundle.
      • CFBundleURLTypes An array of dictionaries describing the URL schemes supported by the bundle.
      • icon Path to the icon file. .icns format
    • win Windows resources. On platforms other then Windows you will need to have Wine installed and in the system path.
      • version-string - An object containings properties to change of .exe version string.
      • file-version File's version to change to.
      • product-version Product's version to change to.
      • icon Path to the icon file. .ico format




npm i gulp-electron

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