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Run Docker SwellRT instance from Gulp


npm install gulp-docker-swellrt


var dockerSwellrt  = require('gulp-docker-swellrt');
var options = {
  tag: '0.2.0-alpha',
  name: 'myproject-swellrt'
gulp.task('docker:swellrt', function(done) {
  dockerSwellrt(options, done);


  • image - Docker SwellRT to run. Defaults to p2pvalue/swellrt
  • tag - Tag for image. Defaults to latest
  • host - Hostname for SwellRT image. Defaults to swellrt
  • name - Name of the running container. Use this to run different instances. Defaults to gulp-swellrt
  • port - Port for the mapping of SwellRT listenig port. Default to 9898
  • links - Object with images that will be run and linked to swellrt container. Defaults to a mongo db instance