Play a WAV or MP3 when gulp crashes


Play a WAV or MP3 when gulp crashes.

Errors in gulp tasks tend to crash it. You then spend a few minutes trying to figure out what's gone wrong only to find that gulp crashed and you didn't notice.

Use this plugin to play a sound when gulp crashes so you know you need to fix something.

This plugin can also be used with gulp-plumber.

$ npm install -g gulp-crash-sound

The following examples show you 3 ways to use gulp-crash-sound.

1. Just include and use defaults.

var gCrashSound = require('gulp-crash-sound');
gulp.task('build', function() {
// if gulp crashes (for any task) a sound will be played 

2. Play a sound in your error handler.

var gCrashSound = require('gulp-crash-sound');
function yourOnErrorFunction(err) {;
// handle error 
// somewhere in gupfile.js 
.on('error', yourOnErrorFunction)

3. Wrap gulp-plumber.

var gCrashSound = require('gulp-crash-sound');
// somewhere in gupfile.js 
  errorHandler: gCrashSound.plumb(yourOnErrorFunction)
  // if gulp crashes a sound is played before calling your error function 

The default sound is a 'gulp' but you can use any WAV or MP3 (drm free).

var gCrashSound = require('gulp-crash-sound');
file: '/path/to/your/wav/or/mp3'
, duration: 3 // 3 seconds. can be null (or not set) to play full length which is the default 
  • Linux: aplay
  • OSX: afplay
  • No Windows support