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Copy example/local.json from this repository to js/gulp/local.json.

Install SwitchyOmega Chrome extension (, go to extensions Options, "Import/Export" and load SwitchyOmega.bak from this repository to "Restore from file" field.


  • domain : domain to get configuration, dictionary and footer
  • secret : secret id to get configuration
  • stageURL : URL to open when run gulp stage (usually http://localhost:3000 or same value of domain, in this case proxy configuration is mandatory)
  • imagePrefix : prefix URL to prepend to images URL for css development in gulp stage task
  • jsPrefix : prefix URL to prepend to javascript files URL for, useful in gulp stage and gulp build task (i.e. /js/wl/webstore_news/app/)
  • mainAngularModule : name of main Angular module, useful for ngTemplates process in gulp build task
  • fwName : name of framework (lite, news, gameasy, html5game, etc)
  • mergeHtml : if true the templates will merge to build javascript file (scripts.js), else the templates will copy directly from app/ to dist/
  • revCss : if true add revision number to css build
  • config : configuration keys will override configuration values taken from domain
  • dictionary : dictionary keys will override dictionary values taken from domain
  • footer : footer keys will override footer values taken from domain

priority for settings, config, dictionary and footer

Priority for settings, configuration, dictionary and footer:

  1. gulp/config.json and gulp/hybrid.json
  2. domain configuration/dictionary/footer, loaded from API
  3. default values from this repository (see gulp/base.js)


  • gulp beautify : run beautifier for Javascript files
  • gulp lint : run eslint on JavaScript files on app/ folder (if you add --fix then eslint fix some possible errors)
  • gulp crtolf : convert cr to lf
  • gulp stage : run local server to debug app/ folder (set config.json before, if necessary)
  • gulp build : create build (minified and map) into dist/ folder
  • gulp hybrid:stage : create www for hybrid app into hybrid/www and run hybrid app on an android device connected; it need a proper cordova project in hybrid folder
  • gulp hybrid:build : create production www for hybrid app into hybrid/www and run hybrid app on an android device connected

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