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A plugin for Gulp that uploads files to rackspace cloudfiles


rackspace cloudfiles plugin for gulp based off of gulp-s3 by nkostelnik

npm install --save-dev gulp-cloudfiles

Setup a rackspace.json file or load these through another config file or env vars.

    "username": "RACKSPACE-USERNAME",
    "apiKey": "RACKSPACE-APIKEY",
    "region": "RACKSPACE-REGION"
    "container": "RACKSPACE-CONTAINER"
var fs = require('fs')
var gulp = require('gulp');
var cloudfiles = require("gulp-cloudfiles");
var rackspace = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./rackspace.json'));
var options = {};
gulp.task('cloudfiles', function() {
  return gulp.src('./dist/**', {read: false})
    .pipe(cloudfiles(rackspace, options));
  • delay
    • Delay in ms to wait after each file upload.
    • Type: Number
    • Default: 0
  • headers
    • Headers to set to each file uploaded
    • Type: object
    • Default: {}
  • uploadPath
    • Type: String
    • Default: ""

MIT License