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Gulp plugin to detect illegal expressions


Gulp plugin to check for illegal expressions

To use gulp please ensure gulp is installed globally as well as locally.

npm install gulp -g
npm install gulp -D

Install gulp-check as a development dependency

npm install gulp-check -D

Add it to your gulpfile

var gulp  = require('gulp');
var check = require('gulp-check');
var util = require('gulp-util');
gulp.task('check', function () {
    .on('error', function (err) {

gulp-check can be called with a String or RegExp

Type: String The string to search for.

Type: RegExp The regex pattern to search for. See the MDN documentation for RegExp for details.

This plugin will throw errors on the file stream and it is up to you to handle them. The first error found will stop the stream showing you what was found and what file it was found in.

If you want the plugin to find all errors without stopping the stream, use gulp-plumber