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Gulp builder project, used to build all kind of project, intended to have flexibility for each one of them. Includes all kind of tasks and utils

** DO NOT USE [not stable version, estimated release: November 2015], sorry for the delay caused by personal issues **

Still pending to do a full refactor of the package logic and also adding new functionality like:

  • Building for publishing projects
  • Support for multiple JS frameworks
  • Support for Material Design Iconfont
  • Much more


npm install --save-dev gulp-builder


Inside your gulpfile.js:

var builder = require('gulp-builder');
var run = builder.getPlugin('run-sequence');
var gulp = builder.getPlugin('gulp');
var argv = builder.getPlugin('yargs').argv;
var task = builder.getTask;
var util = builder.getUtil;
var options = {
    root: __dirname,
    minify: (argv.production || argv.minify) || false,
    build: {
        root: __dirname + '/app/'
    modules: {
        root: __dirname + '/app-modules/',
        buildInfoFile: 'build-info'
    'core-watch': {
        js: [
            __dirname + '/core/data/*.js',
            __dirname + '/core/components/*.js',
            __dirname + '/core/components/mixins/*.js'
        sass: [
            __dirname + '/core/components/*.scss',
            __dirname + '/core/components/mixins/*.scss',
            __dirname + '/core/sass/*.scss',
            __dirname + '/core/sass/**/*.scss'
var data = util('build-js-tasks', options);
var buildTasks = data.buildTasks;
gulp.task('browser-sync', task('browser-sync', options, data));

Will build your configured module (with the build-info.js file inside the modules directory) with browserify and the transforms needed.

More information

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Estimated Release

This package is still in dev and is not stable. Estimated release on August of 2015.