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This module has been deprecated and is no longer supported.


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Gulp plugins for common Bugsnag actions.


npm install --save-dev gulp-bugsnag


const { reportBuild } = require('gulp-bugsnag')

reportBuild(build, opts): stream

Reports your application's build to Bugsnag. It can auto detect source control from .git, .hg and package.json. This plugin should go at the end of the task where you build your application – however it operates as a passthrough stream, so you can place things downstream of it if you like.

Once it has received the last item in the stream, the plugin will report the build to Bugsnag. If something upstream errors the build report will not get sent.

  • build describes the build you are reporting to Bugsnag
    • apiKey: string your Bugsnag API key [required]
    • appVersion: string the version of the application you are building [required]
    • releaseStage: string 'production', 'staging' etc. (leave blank if this build can be released to different releaseStages)
    • sourceControl: object an object describing the source control of the build (if not specified, the module will attempt to detect source control information from .git, .hg and the nearest package.json)
      • provider: string can be one of: 'github', 'github-enterprise', 'gitlab', 'gitlab-onpremise', 'bitbucket', 'bitbucket-server'
      • repository: string a URL (git/ssh/https) pointing to the repository, or webpage representing the repository
      • revision: string the unique identifier for the commit (e.g. git SHA)
    • builderName: string the name of the person/machine that created this build (defaults to the result of the whoami command)
    • autoAssignRelease: boolean automatically associate this build with any new error events and sessions that are received for the releaseStage until a subsequent build notification is received. If this is set to true and no releaseStage is provided the build will be applied to 'production'.
  • opts
    • logLevel: string the minimum severity of log to output ('debug', 'info', 'warn', 'error'), default 'warn'
    • logger: object provide a different logger object { debug, info, warn, error }
    • path: string the path to search for source control info, defaults to process.cwd()
    • endpoint: string post the build payload to a URL other than the default (


/* gulpfile.js */
const gulp = require('gulp')
const concat = require('gulp-concat')
const { reportBuild } = require('gulp-bugsnag')
gulp.task('build', () => {
      apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
      appVersion: '1.2.3'
// $ gulp build
// runs your build process and then notifies Bugsnag if the task succeeds



All contributors are welcome! See our contributing guide.


This module is free software released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details.


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