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Gulp plugin which splits CSS files suitably for Internet Explorer < 10.

This is the a Gulp wrapper around bless.js (see


npm install gulp-bless


var gulp = require('gulp');
var bless = require('gulp-bless');
gulp.task('css', function() {
gulp.task('default', ['watch']);
// Rerun the task when a file changes 
gulp.task('watch', function () {'./css/*.css', ['css']);


  • imports - A boolean (which defaults to true). Determines whether or not the first chunk / "blessed" file @imports the others.
  • cacheBuster - A boolean (which defaults to true). If imports is true, this will add a random query parameter value to prevent against aggressive caching.
  • log - A boolean (which defaults to false). Logs a small bit of information about the process.
  • suffix - Either a string or a function (which defaults to "-blessed").
    • If it is a string then it will be appended to the original file name before the index. E.g.
       //Assume you have long.css that is to be splitted into 3 parts, following code will  
       //produce 3 files: long.css, long-part1.css, long-part2.css     
         suffix: '-part'
    • If it is a function then whatever returned by the function is appended to the original file name. The function takes in a 1-based index E.g.
        //Assume you have long.css that is to be splitted into 3 parts, following code will  
       //produce 3 files: long.css, long-functionpart1.css, long-functionpart2.css 
         suffix: function(index) {
         return "-functionpart" + index;


            imports: false

About minification

You should minify your CSS after it goes through gulp-bless. See BlessCSS/bless#90 as to why.

Does this support sourcemaps?

Yes. This can be used with gulp-sourcemaps.