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Guilty Gulp

Gulp set up for web assets. Conveniently create tasks for Browserify, CoffeeScript, Compass (SCSS), SVG.

For a full example, see the: gulpfile-example.js file.

Create multiple groups of tasks, each with their own individual settings

var guilty = require('guilty-gulp')({
    taskNameGroup: 'main'

Extensible tasks, with specific watch tasks built-in

Create multiple variations of any task. Specify a taskName, which you can then use using guilty.taskName('myTaskName'). Watch tasks are automatically created based on the paths you specified.

guilty.requireTask('copy', {
    taskName: 'vendor-js',
    srcPathGlob: 'vendor-js/porthole.min.js',
    destPath: './'

Separate file for each task

Each task is modular so they can be reused easily.

Production and Development

It has separate production and development folders, just use the flag --production to build to a separate folder with minified CSS and JS.

Build from scratch

Clean by using the flag --clean