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Guava - EventEmitter for database queries

  • Listen to any query for inserts before they're sent to the database
  • Saves hits to the database for realtime applications
  • Modeled after mondodb, and supports: $all, $exists, $mod, $ne, $in, $nin, $nor, $or, $and, $size

Real world examples:

  • Twitter realtime stream

Server Example:



Javascript file 1:

var Client = require('guava').Client,
People = Client.connect().collection('people');
People.on({ name: { $in: ['craig','tim','jake'], age: { $gt : 16 } } }, function(person)
    //craig is a 9001 year old male 
    console.log('%s is a %d year old %s',, person.gender, person.age);

Javascript file 2:

var Client = require('guava').Client,
People = Client.connect().collection('people');
//gets caught 
People.emit({ name: 'craig', gender: 'male', age: 9001 });
//doesn't get caught 
People.emit({ name: 'jake', gender: 'female', age: 14 }); 

In-App Example:

var Observer = require('guava').Observer;
var messages = new Observer(),
nowMS = new Date().getTime();
messages.on({ name: { $in: ['craig','tim'] }, createdAt: { $gt: new Date(), $lt: new Date(nowMS + 20000)} }, function(item)
    console.log(item.message);//hello world! 
messages.emit({ name: 'craig', message: 'hello world!', createdAt: new Date(nowMS + 10000)});