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note: this legacy project is not maintained any more.

API to access Guardtime services.

Includes Guardtime C API in subdirectory libgt-x.y

How to build:

npm install .
npm link


node-gyp rebuild 

Hello world:

var gt = require('guardtime');

gt.sign('Hello world!', function(err, ts) {
  if (err)
    throw err;
  gt.verify('Hello world!', ts, function(err, checkflags, props){
    if (err) 
      throw err;
    console.log('All ok; signed by ' + props.location_name + ' at ' + props.registered_time);

For API documentation please refer to node-guardtime-api.markdown

For more information about the Guardtime Keyless Signature service please have a look at

As You are already here - this is the essence: Guardtime service adds hash of your doc to a giant hash tree with globally unique root value; and regularily publishes this root value in widely witnessed media. This allows you to prove that your document did exist at certain point of time, you used certain service endpoint, and this document was not modified ever after.

Needs Node.JS >= 0.8.0; Windows is not tested.

build status

Published under Apache license v. 2.0. Copyright Guardtime AS 2014