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Google Translate command line tool


Google Translate command line tool, and can speak the word out also(only work on Mac now).


$ npm install gtrs -g


  • 0.0.8 add cache for audio files, in ~/.gwords, as mp3 format
  • 0.1.0 add User-Agent and Referer for request


en -> zh

$ gtrs program
program: 程序 Chéngxù
名词: 程序,方案,计划,节目,规划,日程,议程,应用程式,秩序册
程序: program,procedure,sequence,order,course
方案: program,scheme,plan,proposal,formula,suggestion
计划: plan,program,project,projet
节目: program,show,item
规划: planning,plan,program
日程: schedule,program,itinerary
议程: program,schedule,plan,agendum,outline,schema
应用程式: application,program
秩序册: program
动词: 编程
编程: program

zh -> en

$ gtrs 程序
程序: Program
名词: program,procedure,sequence,order,course
program: 程序,方案,计划,节目,规划,日程
procedure: 程序,过程,步骤,手续,规程
sequence: 序列,顺序,序,次序,程序,排序
order: 顺序,命令,秩序,令,次序,程序
course: 课程,过程,进程,历程,期间,程序
形容词: procedural,programmed
procedural: 程序
programmed: 程序

gtrg download the audio files from google, and save it to /tmp/a, and then speak it out. To use it, type:

$ gtrg word

Mac os X also has a tool called say, you can use it just like this:

$ say word

but this is not real voice, it was mixed by computer, but if you don't like the tools above, then you can use this instead.

Add this to your .bashrc or .zshrc file:

function gtrss()
  env gtrs $1;
  gtrg $1;

Then when you type gtrss something, you can first see the translation, and then can hear the pronunciation of the words.

That's all, enjoy learning english~~