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    GTFS Text-to-Speech Tester

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    GTFS Text-to-Speech Tester is a command-line tool that will read all GTFS stop names using Text-to-Speech and allow flagging which names need Text-to-Speech values for tts_stop_name in stops.txt. Using this tool is the quickest way to determine which stops need phoenetic spellings, abbreviations written out, large digits written as words, ordinals written out or other changes so that they can be read. Read More on GTFS Text-to-Speech



    GTFS Text-to-Speech will read GTFS from a local directory or a URL.

    If you have GTFS files in a local directory:

    gtfs-tts --gtfsPath ./path/to/your/gtfs

    If you want to grab from a URL:

    gtfs-tts --gtfsUrl

    The tool will read every stop listed in stops.txt using your systems text-to-speech engine. If a stop already has a value for tts_stop_name it will read that value and then skip to the next.

    For each stop that doesn't have a value for tts_stop_name, it will ask if the pronunciation was correct and you can respond with:

    y if correct n if incorrect r to repeat the stop name e to end reading stop names (will export what you have processed thus far)

    After it is complete, GTFS Text-to-Speech will export a version of the GTFS where stops with incorrect pronunciation have ***NEEDS VALUE*** added to the tts_stop_name column in stops.txt. Using this exported stops.txt, you can manually correct each stop that needs a tts_stop_name value.

    Alternative setup

    You can use a configuation JSON file modeled after config-sample.json with values for gtfsPath, gtfsUrl and sqlitePath if you want to avoid having to pass these as parameters every time you run the script.

        // If config.json is in the current working directory
        // Otherwise specify location with `configPath` parameter
        gtfs-tts --configPath ./path/to/config.json

    Then, after GTFS import you can re-run and skipImport if using a persistent sqlite database:

        gtfs-tts --configPath ./path/to/config.json --skipImport


    Pull requests are welcome, as is feedback and reporting issues.


    npm i gtfs-tts

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