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    Scripts to convert GTFS files to a PouchDB database,

    Transit data is commonly stored in the GTFS format. This script can unzip it and store it in PouchDB databases. These can later be queried with query-pouch-gtfs.


    function parseGTFS(
        inputFile: string | NodeJS.ReadableStream | Buffer,
        destinations: string | { [P in keyof DatabaseList]: DatabaseList[P] | string },
    ): Promise<void>

    Parses a GTFS zip file and saves the data into multiple PouchDB databases.

    • inputFile: Either a path to a GTFS file or folder, or a stream/buffer representing zip contents
    • destinations: Either a path to a folder containing the databases, or an object specifying paths for each database explicitly.
    function parseGTFSPartial(
        partialFile: string,
        destination: string | PouchDB.Database<any>,
    ): Promise<void>
    function parseGTFSPartial(
        partialFile: NodeJS.ReadableStream,
        partialName: string,
        destination: string | PouchDB.Database<any>,
    ): Promise<void>

    Parses a single GTFS partial, rather than the entire ZIP file.

    • partialFile: Either a path to an unzipped partial (ie: './routes.txt'), or a readable stream representing the file contents.
    • partialName: If partialFile is a stream, provide the name of the file here (ie: 'routes').
    • destination: The database to save results to, or a path to it.

    Command Line


    gtfs-to-pouch -i -o ./gtfs-dbs
    gtfs-to-pouch --output ./gtfs-dbs <
    gtfs-to-pouch --input ./gtfs-files -o ./gtfs-dbs
    gtfs-to-pouch --partial -i ./routes.txt -o ./db/routes


    --partial     Switches to partial mode. Allows for parsing a single GTFS text
                  file, such as routes.txt, rather than the entire ZIP file.
    -i, --input   Input path pointing to GTFS file or directory.
                  Can also pipe from stdin.
    -n, --name    Name of the GTFS partial. Only needed if both in partial mode
                  and stdin is being used instead of input.
    -o, --output  Output directory, relative to the current working directory.
                  Should contain databases, or point to the database in partial mode.
    -h, --help    Show help text


    npm i gtfs-to-pouch

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