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    GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform) with Trial Bonus Files


    This package is only intended for experimentation during development. It contains the public GSAP files plus all bonus plugins which are normally available exclusively to Club GreenSock members, including ScrollSmoother, DrawSVGPlugin, MorphSVGPlugin, SplitText, GSDevTools, InertiaPlugin, and more. The trial plugins only work locally and on certain approved domains like,,, and Deploying them elsewhere violates the license and will result in a browser redirect!

    Sign up for Club GreenSock to get the completely unrestricted files.

    No GSAP files (including the trial plugins) implement any tracking whatsoever. No data is collected.

    What is GSAP? (video)

    What is GSAP?


    View the full documentation here, including an installation guide with videos.

    Usage on approved domain

    On a whitelisted domain like, you can do this:

    // typical import
    import gsap from "gsap-trial";
    // or get other plugins:
    import ScrollTrigger from "gsap-trial/ScrollTrigger";
    import DrawSVGPlugin from "gsap-trial/DrawSVGPlugin";
    // or all tools are exported from the "all" file (excluding bonus plugins):
    import { gsap, ScrollTrigger, DrawSVGPlugin } from "gsap-trial/all";
    // don't forget to register plugins
    gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger, DrawSVGPlugin); 

    The NPM files are ES modules, but there's also a /dist/ directory with UMD files for extra compatibility. Some build tools don't understand ES Modules in which case you can import the UMD files by adding /dist/ like:

    // UMD imports
    import gsap from "gsap-trial/dist/gsap";
    import MorphSVGPlugin from "gsap-trial/dist/MorphSVGPlugin";

    Use an alias to make upgrading simple

    Install the package as a "gsap" alias so that when you join Club GreenSock and get the unrestricted files, all you have to do is install those and make zero changes to all your imports!

    npm install gsap@npm:gsap-trial

    Now we can simply use "gsap" in place of "gsap-trial", so the imports could look like this:

    import gsap from "gsap";
    import DrawSVGPlugin from "gsap/DrawSVGPlugin";

    How do I get unrestricted files?

    Once you're a Club GreenSock member, download the unrestricted plugins from your account and then include them in your own JS payload. There are no "phone home" scripts that track usage and the plugins won't suddenly stop working if/when your membership expires. We treat others the way we'd like to be treated and our entire business model is built on the honor system. Read about it here. GreenSock has a private NPM registry for members too.

    Post your questions in our forums and we'd be happy to help.

    Getting Started with GSAP (includes video)

    Getting Started with GSAP

    ScrollTrigger and ScrollSmoother

    If you're looking to do scroll-driven animations, GSAP's ScrollTrigger plugin is the new standard. There's a companion ScrollSmoother as well.



    What is Club GreenSock? (video)

    What is Club GreenSock?

    There are 3 main reasons anyone signs up for Club GreenSock:

    • To get unrestricted access to the incredibly helpful members-only plugins like MorphSVGPlugin, SplitText, etc.
    • To get the special commercial license ("Business Green" - only necessary if multiple customers are being charged for something that uses GreenSock technology).
    • To support ongoing development efforts and cheer us on.

    What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

    Try bonus plugins for free on CodePen and CodeSandbox

    There are instructions and CDN URLs listed at CodePen makes it quite simple, as does CodeSandbox.

    Need help?

    The GreenSock forums are an excellent place to learn and get your questions answered. Report any bugs there too please (it's also okay to file an issue on Github if you prefer).


    Please do not use any of the bonus plugins without the proper license which comes with Club GreenSock memberships. GreenSock's standard "no charge" license for the public files can be viewed at Club GreenSock members are granted additional rights. See for details. Why doesn't GreenSock use an MIT (or similar) open source license, and why is that a good thing? This article explains it all:

    Copyright (c) 2008-2022, GreenSock. All rights reserved.


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    This package should only be used by individuals/companies with an active Club GreenSock membership. See Licensing:

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