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Codeless redis data loader!!!

What does that mean?

Let me show you

redis-cli lpush phish down
redis-cli lpush in with
redis-cli lpush the disease
redis-cli lpush c food
redis-cli hset Rach no 2
redis-cli hset me is cool
redis-cli hset sideways paul giamathioahiad
  FOO: {
    loadArray: ['phish', 'in', 'the', 'c']
  BAR: {
    loadHash: ['Rach', 'me', 'sideways']

Okay? What on Earth are you talking about?

Well ladies, with just a simple Javascript Object, the gs-redis-atomic-data-loader does the rest for you

Behold! The result:

  FOO: ['down', 'with', 'disease', 'food'],
  BAR: {
    no: 2,
    is: 'cool',
    paul: 'giamathioahiad'

Now now chico, this isn't telling me anything

Fine then. My name isn't chico BTW

import {RedisAtomicDataLoader} from 'gs-redis-atomic-data-loader';
let loader = new RedisAtomicDataLoader(redisClient, configFromAbove);
loader.on('done', (cache) => {
  /* cache == resultFromAbove */

Neat, I guess. What else?

Not much I'm afraid, although items can be reloaded

let config = Object.assign(configFromAbove, {persist: 'loadAgain!!!'});
let loader = new RedisAtomicDataLoader(redisClient, config);
redis-cli lpush phish fee
redis-cli publish loadAgain!!! FOO

Hopefully (yes, sigh, hopefully) your cache result above now has added 'fee' to the FOO array

Notice the on method used rather than once. Each time data is reloaded, the done event is fired.

The naming leaves much to be desired

Okay, how about liftraft, cherrypie, humptydumpty, codelesschico, chipsandsalsa ...

Shoot I forgot to mention the most important part

npm install gs-redis-atomic-data-loader

Followed by (after a few seconds)

npm uninstall gs-redis-atomic-data-loader

I want to Contribute

So do I :(

Oh, to this project. My fault. (My fault, indeed.)