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Small node.js library that generates gravatar url based on an email.

How to use

At first you need to install npm package:

npm install grvtr

Then you can require it in your project and pass an email string to the utility:

var grvtr = require('grvtr');
grvtr.create(''); // returns[HASH] 

Gravatar allows you to use several options

grvtr.create('', { 
    size: 200,     // 1- 2048px 
    defaultImage: 'mm', // 'identicon', 'monsterid', 'wavatar', 'retro', 'blank'  
    rating: 'g',   // 'pg', 'r', 'x' 
    secure: true,
    forceDefault: true
// returns[HASH]?params 

Also you can pass a callback to create method (do not forget to add empty object as second parameter if no options required):

grvtr.create('', {}, function (gravatarUrl) {
    console.log(gravatarUrl); // or do something with the src '[HASH]' 

Options according to documentation:


You may request images anywhere from 1px up to 2048px, however requesting larger sizes may result in pixelation/low-quality images.


Possible values of default image:

  • 404: do not load any image if none is associated with the email hash, instead return an HTTP 404 (File Not Found) response

  • mm: (mystery-man) a simple, cartoon-style silhouetted outline of a person (does not vary by email hash)

  • identicon: a geometric pattern based on an email hash

  • monsterid: a generated 'monster' with different colors, faces, etc

  • wavatar: generated faces with differing features and backgrounds

  • retro: awesome generated, 8-bit arcade-style pixelated faces

  • blank: a transparent PNG image

404 mm identicon monsterid retro


You can self-rate images indicating if an image is appropriate for a certain audience:

  • g: suitable for display on all websites with any audience type
  • pg: may contain rude gestures, provocatively dressed individuals, the lesser swear words, or mild violence
  • r: may contain such things as harsh profanity, intense violence, nudity, or hard drug use
  • x: may contain hardcore sexual imagery or extremely disturbing violence


Use if you want to force the default image to always load set this property to true.


If you're displaying Gravatars on a page that is being served over SSL you can server gravatars via SSL as well while setting this one to true.

Building and testing

Install the application,

npm install

Make sure, you have latest grunt installed,

npm install -g grunt-cli

Run build,


To just run jshint,

grunt jshint


If you have some ideas or found a bug feel free to raise an issue.

MIT Licensed

(c) 2013 Dmitri Voronianski