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Useful grunt tasks.

© 2013 Harald Rudell wrote this for node in January, 2013 MIT License

How to Use

Add to your Gruntfile.js: ```js grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunts') ``` Add the project dependency to your project: ``` npm install grunts --save-dev ``` This inserts grunts into the devDependencies section of package.json Test the plugin: ``` $ grunt exports Running "exports" task >> No exports

Done, without errors.

<h2>Task Reference</h2>
<h3>grunt exports</h3>
<p>Lists the exports if your module is a library.</p>
<h3>grunt bump</h3>
<p>Increases the third digit of the project's version number in package.json.</p>
<p>also: grunt bump major, grunt bump minor</p>
<h3>grunt test</h3>
<p>Runs tests provided by the mochawrapper module.</p>
<p>&copy; 2013 <a href=>Harald Rudell</a> wrote this for node in January, 2013 MIT License</p>
<p>Please suggest better ways, new features, and possible difficulties on <a  href=>github</a></p>