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    This package is deprecated. You shouldn't need it with newer Node.js versions.


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    Runs grunt with the --harmony_* flags

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    This package exposes the grunth shell command that works like grunt but fires it using the node --harmony_* flags. Thanks to that you can use ECMAScript 6 features that have experimental implementation in Node, like const/let block scoping, generators etc.


    1. In most cases it might better to use Node.js 4 or newer with regular grunt-cli instead. However, if you need to use Node.js 0.12 or want to experiment even in newer Node, go ahead.
    2. In Node.js 4 or newer this module uses grunt --harmony as the --harmony flag doesn't enable completely in-progress features as it was in V8 used in Node.js 0.12.

    The module is a replacement for the grunt-cli package.

    To install the module globally:

    npm -g install grunth-cli

    Note: current version requires Node >=0.12.0. If you need Node 0.10 support, use:

    npm -g install grunth-cli@0.2.x

    Once the module has been installed, in every project that uses Grunt you can replace grunt with grunth in your commands, like:

    grunth sass

    Note that, like before, apart from installing the grunth-cli global module, you need to install the grunt package locally in every project, like:

    npm install grunt --save-dev

    Installing grunth-cli locally

    If you prefer the idiomatic Node.js method to get started with a project (npm install && npm test) then install grunth-cli locally with npm install grunth-cli --save-dev. Then add a script to your package.json to run the associated grunt command: "scripts": { "test": "grunth test" }. Now npm test will use the locally installed ./node_modules/.bin/grunth executable to run your Grunt commands.

    To read more about npm scripts, please visit the npm docs:

    Supported Node.js versions

    This project supports Node.js 0.12 & newer.


    Copyright (c) Laboratorium EE. Licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i grunth-cli

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