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Grunt Task for WieldyMarkup

This repo is a grunt task for rendering WieldyMarkup templates. Integrate with Yeoman for a better workflow!

Getting Started

Install this plugin with the command:

npm install grunt-wieldyjs

Next, add this line to your project's grunt file:


Lastly, add the configuration settings (see below) to your grunt file.


This task has two required properties, src and dest, and one optional property, options:

  • src should be a glob matching all files.
  • dest should be a directory in which to reproduce the directory tree of files matching the src glob.
  • Both src and dest will be evaluated relative to the grunt.js file.
  • Files matching src will overwrite files in the dest directory.
  • options should be an object with key-value pairs.
  • The only currently supported option is basePath, which should be the prefix to remove from the path of files matching src.

An example configuration looks like this:

  wieldyjs: {
    compile: {
      src: 'src/**/*.wml',
      dest: 'dest/',
      options: {
        basePath: 'src/'