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    grunt-translate-extract helps developers with the internationalization off their code. Searchs for translatable string in the source code and generate a json file for each language.

    code generation


    • Wordpress: support all i10n functions, including context and pluralization.
    • PHP gettext: support pluralization but not context.
    • Angular Translate: support only translation filters ie: <ANY>{{ TRANSLATION_ID | translate }}</ANY>
    • You can edit the generated files, modified values (translations) will be preserved after run the task multiple times.
    • Parsers are regular expression based, that means the functionality is very limited. Ideally it should be implemented with a grammar parser, maybe in a future.

    Getting Started

    This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.5

    npm install grunt-translate-extract --save-dev

    Enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:



    In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named translate_extract to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

    var path = require("path");
      translate_extract: {
        options: {
          output: [ 'en.json', 'es.json', 'fr.json', 'de.json'],
          outputDir: "./output",
          basePath: optional //Just in case the basePath is not the root of the project.
          builtInParser: "wordpress",
          customParser: null,
          errorOnDuplicatedKeys: true
        files: {
          src: ["src/**/*.php"]



    Type: String Array Default value: [ "en", "es" , "fr", "de"]

    Name of the generated files. *FileName = basePath + outputDir + output[n]


    Type: String Default value: ./output

    Directory where the locale files will be stored.
    files.dest is ignored by this task and can be omitted.


    Type: String Default value: ./output

    Optional parameter. Use just in case the basePath is not the root of the project.


    Type: bolean Default value: true

    If true the system will throw and error if finds two translatable string with the same msgid, if false the two string will be considered the same an treated as a single entry .


    Type: String Default value: wordpress

    The parser used to match the translation strings. List of built in parser . gettextPHP => matches php gettext functions like _("text to translate") or $object->_("text to translate") . wordpress => matches php wordpress functions like __("text to translate") or _e("text to translate") . angularTranslate => matches angular translate declarations using the translate filter like {{ msgid | translate}}


    Type: Object Default value: null

    If there is no Built In Parser that match the language or template that you are using it is posible to define a custom parser that matchs and extracts your translatable strings.
    DEPRECATION NOTICE: Custom Parsers may be removed in future versions.. In order to introduce support for plurals and context. The complexity of the parser has increased a lot to support plurals and content, so built custom parsers is not an easy task anymore, therefore it makes no sense to support custom parsers.
    AngularTranslate Parser Example: matchs {{ TRANSLATION_ID | translate }}

    var utils = require("../Utils");
    var AngularTranslateParser = (function () {
        function AngularTranslateParser() {
        AngularTranslateParser.prototype.getRegexpList = function () {
            return [/\{\{\s*([a-zA-Z_]+[a-zA-Z0-9_]*)\s*\|\s*translate\s*\}\}/g];
        AngularTranslateParser.prototype.parseMatch = function (match, regExp) {
            var text = utils.escapeLiteral(match[1]);
            if (text === false)
                text = match[1];
            return { msgid: text, msgstr: text, msgid_plural: null, msgctxt: null, line: null };
        AngularTranslateParser._asd = "";
        return AngularTranslateParser;

    Release History

    0.0.3 Add support for plurals, context, improve documentation. BREAKIN CHANGES INTRODUCED
    0.0.2 print number of files parsed and found translation entries. add a new gettextPHP_KV parser.
    0.0.1 first beta released with support for php gettext , wordpress and angular-translate. no hard test yet.


    npm i grunt-translate-extract

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