StealJS template for grunt-contrib-jasmine

npm install grunt-template-jasmine-steal --save-dev

Type: String Default: path to steal.js (defaults to internal version, probably not desired)

The version of steal to use.

Type: Object

This object is JSON.stringify()-ed into the template and passed into steal.config()

// Example configuration 
  connect: {
    test : {
      port : 8000
  jasmine: {
    taskName: {
      src: 'src/**/*.js',
      options: {
        specs: 'spec/*Spec.js',
        helpers: 'spec/*Helper.js',
        host: '',
        template: require('grunt-template-jasmine-steal'),
        templateOptions: {
          stealConfig: {
            stealUrl: '/src/steal/steal.js',
            baseUrl: '/'

Note the usage of the 'connect' task configuration. You will need to use a task like grunt-contrib-connect if you need to test your tasks on a running server.

With this template, you can use steal in your spec files the same way you would in the rest of your application.

/* example widget_spec.js */
steal('widget.js', function() {
    describe('the widget', function() {
        it('is a widget', function() {