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Grunt tasks for management of secure-config encrypted JSON files.

Grunt Secure Config

A simple set of grunt tasks to manage secure-config encrypted JSON files.

Use grunt.initConfig to configure secure-config. Both basePath and keyPath are required and can be with a String or a Function.

var getKeyPath = function () {
return "/home/node/secure-store.pem";
secure: {
options: {
basePath: path.join(__dirname, "config", "secure"),
keyPath: getKeyPath
  1. Create a JSON file {basePath}/secure/{"defaults" || env}.json.
  2. Run grunt secure:encrypt --env={env}. The env option is not used when encrypting defaults.json.
  3. Remove the .json file

Run grunt secure:decypt --env={env}. The env option is not used when decrypting

Decrypt a .store file to a .json file by adding --toFile

View the LICENSE file.