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An alternative to the awesome grunt-release tool by Dave Geddes.

This version allows for running the steps in grunt-release at different stages of the script, and sets all steps to be disabled by default when at least one step has been enabled.


grunt release:bump:add:commit:tag:push:pushTags:npm:minor

The grunt target now includes the steps that should be run, optionally specifying the size of bump as the last argument.

It is now possible to use the command:

grunt deploy

with Grunt file:

    release: {},
    require: { /* config */ }

grunt.registerTask('deploy', ['release:bump:minor', 'require', 'release:add:commit:push:tag:pushTags']);

Which would increment the version number of the application before running the concatenation, making it easier to use the new version in the file names or content of the resulting output.


Inspired by Dave Geddes's grunt-release.