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Grunt plugin to release the compiled / generated files from a project to a separate repository. For instance the source code for Thorax lives here:

But the bower component lives here:

This grunt task would in this example:

  • bump the versions in package.json and bower.json in walmartlabs/thorax
  • push a new tag to walmartlabs/thorax
  • bump the versions in bower.json and component.json in components/thorax
  • push a new tag to components/thorax


The copy command will copy any generated files into the component repo.

  'release-component': {
    options: {
      componentRepo: '',
      copy: {
        'build/release/thorax.js': 'thorax.js',
        'build/release/thorax-mobile.js': 'thorax-mobile.js'


The command may be run with any of the predefined version incriments:

  • patch (0.0.x)
  • minor (0.x.0)
  • major (x.0.0)

Which would look like:

grunt release-component:patch
grunt release-component:minor
grunt release-component:major

Or with an arbitrary version argument to force a particular version:

grunt release-component:2.0.0-rc11

The argument should always be a number.