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    Readme+ uses the contents of the current work folder to generate a file for the project. Most of your time is spent in the source code and this is where you can add notes to be included in the output

    Readme+ searches for @readme markers in the source code comments.

    Naming The Sections

    Each heading in a readme file is defined by a section of source code comments that use the @readme indicator. The first word after the @readme indicator is the name and default title of the section.

    * \@readme Install
    *  Use `npm` to install the `foobar` module.
    *  ```shell
    *  $ npm install foobar
    *  ```

    In the above example a heading labelled Installations will be added under the root section with the markdown text found in the comment.

    Changing The Section Title

    You can customize the heading used for each section by providing title text after declaring the section.

    * \@readme Install Installation Instructions
    *  Use `npm` to install the `foobar` module.
    *  ```shell
    *  $ npm install foobar
    *  ```

    In the above example the default heading Install is replaced with Installation Instructions.


    Run readme on the command line in the working folder where you want to generate a file.

    cd /home/user/work
    $ readme

    The default options assume your working folder contains a sub-folder named src that contains the source code for your project.

    Usage: readme [options] <path>
    Example: readme --source=./www/js /home/mathew/thinkingmedia/readme
    -h, --help       shows this usage message
    -v, --version    print version number
    -s, --silent     hides copyright message
    -d, --debug      show debug message
    -t, --trace      write source code references in
    --verbose        send output to console
    --source         path to source folder (default: ./src)
    --trace          write source code references in
    --file           name of output file (default:


    npm i grunt-readme-plus

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