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Built-in prompts for a grunt style generator.

The core of this lib comes from grunt-init originally written by "Cowboy" Ben Alman and contributors. grunt-init will be deprecated by yeoman generator. The intent of this lib is to supply the existing grunt-init prompts to generators.


npm install grunt-prompts --save


Get some built-in prompts:

var prompts = require('grunt-prompts');
var p = prompts.defaults([
    name: 'custom',
    message: 'Im not a built-in prompt'

Default a prompt:

prompt.default = function(value, props, done) {
  done(null, 'Default value!');
prompts.default(prompt, this.props, function(prompt) {
  // prompt.default === now equals 'Default value!' 

Sanitize and validate a prompt value:

prompt.validate = /^[\w\-\.]+$/;
prompt.sanitize = function(value, data, done) {
  done('cleaned ' + value);
prompts.validate(prompt, value, this.props, function(valid, value) {
  if (!valid) {
    console.log('oh no!');
  } else {
    console.log(value + ' is valid.');


var prompts = require('grunt-prompts')


Returns an array of available licenses. Currently those are Apache-2.0, GPL-2.0, MIT, MPL-2.0. If you specify a license it will return the absolute filepath to that license.


Pass an array of prompt names to return a list of corresponding built-in prompts.

prompts.default(prompt, data, done)

Will run/set prompt.default to determine a default value for the prompt. data supplies a object of all the current collected data. done(prompt) is a callback that is supplied a prompt with a default value.

prompts.validate(prompt, value, data, done)

Will sanitize and/or validate the prompt value. done(valid, value) is a callback that is supplied a boolean whether the value is valid and the sanitized new value.


Get the git origin url from the current repo. done(err, origin) is a callback supplied with the origin if found.

prompts.git.githubUrl(uri, suffix)

Generate a GitHub web URL from a GitHub repo URI.


Builds a package.json file from data and returns as a string.