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A grunt plugin to compile your PogoScript to JavaScript


PogoScript is a programming language that emphasises readability, is friendly to domain specific languages and compiles to regular Javascript.

It's written and maintained by featurist.

Grunt is "The JavaScript task runner". The Grunt ecosystem is huge and it's growing every day, with literally hundreds of plugins.

Although PogoScript has it's own CLI for compilation, other transpilers have a grunt plugin, to allow developers to hook into their task pipeline.

I'm not a massive fan of transpilers (understatement?) but I'd rather use PogoScript over something like CoffeeScript. Without a grunt plugin, it'd be a harder sell. Fortunately now there is one.

The grunt-pogo plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.x

npm install grunt-pogo --save-dev

You can run the pogo task with the grunt pogo command, or combine it with other tasks in the usual way. See configuring tasks for more info.

pogo: {
    compile: {
        files: {
            "file.js": ["file.pogo"]
  • Expose more options for compilation via the Gruntfile.js

MIT License