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Common tasks from a repeatable workflow development:

  • dev → lint and watch for changes, eventually run jasmine_node

    Only spec/**/*-spec.{coffee,litcoffee} files will be tested.

    Additionally, may create these files: .editorconfig, .eslintrc, .npmignore, .gitignore and coffeelint.json.

  • test → lint and execute testem runner (Browser-based)

  • spec → lint and run jasmine_node only (NodeJS-based)

  • dist → compile src/**/*.{coffee,litcoffee} files

Code coverage is always enabled by default on test and spec tasks

The LCOV report will be generated only if process.env.CI is present.

module.exports = (grunt) ->
  grunt.loadNpmTasks 'grunt-parts'


language: node_js
  - 0.10
  - 'npm install -g grunt-cli coveralls'
  - 'grunt spec && cat generated/reports/spec/ | coveralls'
  - 'grunt test && cat generated/reports/test/ | coveralls'