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An asset manager for the Particles platform, based on Grunt.


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What it does

The current pipeline will:

  • Clean the old temporary assets directory
  • Collect all assets directories using Scatter services register_assets_dir, register_views_dir
  • Gather all assets into a temporary directory
  • Compiles stylesheets registered with the Scatter service use_scripts
  • Inject scripts, stylesheets and views from respectively the services use_scripts, use_stylesheets, contribute_views
  • [Optional] Watch all the registered assets dirs for changes and re-run the pipeline if any change is detected
  • [Optional] Run the application entry point (config param main) and restart the application if any change in the application source (registered particles) is detected.

Limitations (TODO):

  • Does not minify/bundle for production yet
  • Supports only Jade for injections

Available Grunt Tasks

  • particles-update: build assets without cleaning
  • particles-build: clean and build assets
  • particles-build-and-watch: build then start to watch assets for changes
  • particles-develop: build assets, starts the app. Watch assets and sources.

Before any of the above task can be run, a grunt-particles task has to execute to kickstart and configure the Scatter container.


  • assets.viewsDir
  • assets.assetsDir
  • [assets.publicUrlRoot]

Example config


  "generatedDir": "${appRoot}/generated",
  "assets": {
    "viewsDir": "${generatedDir}/views/",
    "assetsDir": "${generatedDir}/assets/",
    "publicUrlRoot": "public"
  "particles": {
    "app": {
      "particles": ["${appRoot}/lib"]



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