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Remote desktop notifications for Grunt through Chrome.


This is a somewhat hastily made fork of [grunt-notify] ( "grunt-notify") designed to send remote notifications. Technically the client recieving the notifiction could be whatever, but this was made with the chrome.notifications API in mind, and I have a companion extension available as [chrome-grunt-notifier] ( "chrome-grunt-notifier"). It is guaranteed to be at least no harder to use than this.

Currently this module assumes that if you have it installed, then you exclusively want to send remote notifications. It won't check for other platforms.

grunt-notify-chrome simply feeds your notifications to a Firebase of your choosing.

First run: npm install grunt-notify-chrome

You have to create a secrets.js file in node_modules/grunt-notify-chrome/lib.

secrets.js should be a one-line file that reads like this:

module.exports = ""

Of course you also need to sign up for your own Firebase at

This is forked from the dylang's awesome grunt-notify: