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Map one source map to another source map. Why would you want this? Lets say...

  • Compile some Typescript to JavaScript and generate a source map
  • Run compiled JavaScript through Closure Compiler and generate another source map
  • Remap the source map for the obfuscated code back to the original Typescript

Before Use

  • grunt-contrib-uglify already accomplishes this with its sourceMapIn option. Only use this task for cases that do not already have this functionality.
  • This module does not fix any of the problems with source maps generated along with Closure Compiler's ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS. With this option, Closure Compiler can rewrite source so far beyond the original version, that mapping becomes virtually impossible.


npm install grunt-map2map --save-dev


  • sourceMappingURL: string Value to append as sourceMappingURL to generated source file
  • generated: string The location of the source map to remap to original
  • original: string The location of the source map that generated will remap to
  • dest: string The location to save the remapped source map, defaults to generated


    map2map: {
        options: {
            sourceMappingURL: ''
        main: {
            options: {
                generated: 'bin/',
                original: 'bin/',
                dest: 'bin/'