Build your Lo-Dash experience with grunt


Simple grunt wrapper around the Lo-Dash builder.

Lo-Dash was created & is maintained by John-David Dalton, Kit Cambridge & Mathias Bynens

This project is not associated with the people behind Lo-Dash (or Lo-Dash itself) in any way.

lodashbuilder only works with Lo-Dash version >= 0.7.0!

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's [grunt.js gruntfile][getting_started] with: npm install grunt-lodashbuilder

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile.


Load the grunt-lodashbuilder task as described in 'Getting started' and add your Lo-Dash builder configuration to your grunt file:

Example Lo-Dash optimizer grunt file config entry:

// ... grunt file contents 
    lodash: {
      // modifiers for prepared builds 
      // backbone, csp, legacy, mobile, strict, underscore 
      modifier: 'backbone',
      // output location 
      dest: 'build/'
// ... even more grunt file contents 

As you might have guessed, this would produce the same output as

lodash backbone -o build/
    lodash: {
      // modifiers for prepared builds 
      // backbone, csp, legacy, mobile, strict, underscore 
      modifier: 'backbone',
      // output location 
      dest: 'build/',
      // define a different Lo-Dash location 
      // useful if you wanna use a different Lo-Dash version (>= 0.7.0) 
      // by default, lodashbuilder uses always the latest version 
      // of Lo-Dash (that was in npm at the time of lodashbuilders installation) 
      src: 'node_modules/lodash',
      // More information can be found in the @[Lo-Dash custom builds section]( 
      category: ['collections', 'functions']
      exports: ['amd', 'commonjs', 'node']
      iife: '!function(window,undefined){%output%}(this)',
      include: ['each', 'filter', 'map']
      minus: ['result', 'shuffle']
      plus: ['random', 'template']
      template: './*.jst'
      settings: '{interpolate:/\\{\\{([\\s\\S]+?)\\}\\}/g}'
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Copyright (c) 2012 asciidisco Licensed under the MIT license.