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Uniting testing using jsTestDriver and PhantomJS.

Getting Started

Navigate your console to your project folder and run command:

npm install grunt-jstestdriver-phantomjs

This will download the plugin to your project folder.

Then add this line to your project's `Gruntfile.js':


A basic config of jsTestDriver is as follows.

jstdPhantom: {  
    options: {
    files: [

Currently we run JSTestDriver 1.3.3.d by default since it has proven more stable for certain scenarios but it you want to go with v.1.3.5, there's a flag for that.

jstdPhantom: {  
    options: {
        useLatest : true
    files: [...]

Then you can add the task to your gruntfile.

grunt.registerTask('default', ['jstdPhantom']);

For a sample jstd-config visit jsTestDriver Wiki

Grunt Help


Getting started


How it works

We spawn a process of JSTD to create a server and wait for a little bit to make sure its up and running. Then we spawn a PhantomJS instance and direct it to the server /capture page. When PhantomJS notifies us that its getting the /heartbeat we trigger the running of the tests.

Trouble shooting

To be updated...


To be updated...

Release History

  • 2014/18/08 - v.0.0.7 - Add option for using latest jstd. Upgraded grunt-lib-phantomjs to 0.6.0.
  • 2013/18/09 - v.0.0.6 - Added filtering of output when killing child processes and started using _
  • 2013/16/09 - v.0.0.5 - Adding timeout option Adding retires option. Using http module to decide when the server has started. Waiting for child processes to die.
  • 2013/13/09 - v.0.0.4 - Make sure child proceses are dead before task is completed.
  • 2013/11/09 - v.0.0.3 - Introduced promises, fix for paths and kills all spawned processes when task is done.
  • 2013/11/09 - v.0.0.2 - Changed task name to "jstdPhantom", moved grunt-lib-phantom to dependencies
  • 2013/10/09 - v0.0.1 - Added PhantomJS, downgraded jsTestDriver to v.1.3.3.d for stability. Set up task so that it spins up server, hooks up phantom AND runs the tests before exiting
  • 2013/10/09 - v0.0.0 - Forked from Ricky Clegg